Tuesday, 2 March 2010

STV and the SNP

Let's just jump back in the water of the daftness of the opposition claiming that it is somehow wrong for the Scottish Government to have supported Scottish culture by sponsoring programmes made by STV for the Year of Homecoming. In true l'esprit d'escalier style, it has struck me that the whole story was actually back to front. The Year of Homecoming was actually started under the Labour administration before 2007 (and a decent idea it was as well) under Jack McConnell, as Iain Gray was at pains to point out - the question really shouldn't be "why was STV involved?" but "why were the broadcasters not involved earlier?"

The earlier the involvement of Scotland's media companies (and corporations, Auntie, even with today's bit of slimming) in such things, the better the promotion and the historical record of them. The story shouldn't have been 'shock, horror, the First Minister met STV' but 'jings, crivvens, this is long overdue'.

We've got decent media in Scotland; the BBC will even change a piece when you point out the slight inaccuracies.

Mind how you go!

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The Red Knight said...

The Opposition would find a way to oppose the SNP if they wanted to stop the cute puppy strangler of Holyrood. Opposition for oppositions sake adds nothing to our democracy.