Monday, 1 March 2010

That's the way to do it!

The Times is reporting a range of synthetic angers over the Scottish Government sponsoring three programmes made by STV. Here's the spouting:
Ted Brocklebank, Culture Spokesman for the Scottish Tories, said: “If the SNP government has being trying to use taxpayers’ money to undermine the impartiality of STV then there must be an investigation.”.
“If [Mr Salmond] has been using taxpayers’ money to buy favour and influence, then that would be a serious breach of power.”
Iain Gray, leader of Scots Labour, said: “The suggestion that Alex Salmond tried to manipulate Scotland’s largest commercial broadcaster is deeply concerning.”
Iain Smith, the Liberal Democrat Culture Spokesman, said: “Independent broadcasters aren’t there to act as PR agencies for the government.”

Scottish Government encourages Scottish cultural shows shock...

So who hosted these shows which were undermining the impartiality of STV, which were an attempt to buy favour and influence, manipulated a commercial broadcaster, and turned STV into public relations consultants?

Kirsty Wark, Labour supporter, friend of former First Minister Jack McConnell MSP.
Charlie Kennedy MP, former leader of the Liberal Democrats.
Alastair Campbell, one time gentle persuader for Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair.

You can see how that twists it all towards support for the SNP, can't you?

Mind how you go!


Not the Messiah said...

They may be synthetic, they are certainly personal smears in line with what Loraine Davidson described as Labour's Scottish Strategy, they may be unquestioned regurgitating of labour press releases by a media that increasingly looks biased and unbalanced but they are making an impact and the SNp should be worried.

voterinscotland said...

I would have loved to have seen their faces when they were given the poll results from MORI. 'How do we spin this in favour of Labour?'

one weeps for them

Anonymous said...

Fact is that Labour has succeeded in damaging the electoral prospects of the Tory and SNP political parties because of their negative campaigning.

To ensure they can do this using the mainstream media Labour has worked tirelessly for a decade or more planting their own kind as "journalists" and "editors" throughout the mainstream media in the UK and In Scotland in particular.

Labour have been particularly successful in Scotland because of their widespread use of bullying, coercion and patronage.This ensures that Labour completely controls the political comment made by most of the Scots media.

Calum Cashley said...

Not sure about Labour's control of the media in such a fashion. Some people I come across I know to be Labour members but they don't bias their reporting or producing as a result - nor do the SNP supporting scribes. The editorial line of the newspaper is usually far more important.

There are a few who do allow their personal politics into their work but they are the few not the many.

Our job as nationalists includes getting the message out there in a clear and calm fashion and keeping it going. Say it often enough and politely enough and persuasively enough and it will get published and read and broadcast and listened to.

Labour's terribly negative stuff will have an impact but it won't last - just like the Lib Dems and their 'only we can win here' stuff, people will turn away from it.