Tuesday 22 September 2009

The Challenger always wants the debate

There's a wee rule of thumb that the weaker candidate in an election challenges the stronger to a debate, the candidate in the stronger position is usually the incumbent and it's the aspiring candidate that challenges. The theory goes that if the stronger candidate accepts then the weaker is elevated to the same level as him or her, if the stronger candidate declines then he or she is scared to debate. So when you see one politician challenge another to a debate you'll know which is in the stronger position.

Jim Murphy has challenged Alex Salmond to a debate ...


redcliffe62 said...

agreed callum.

although i think salmond should challenge brown to a debate on scotland.

that will get the same response as salmond should give murphy.

a big niet.

subrosa said...

Nice one Calum. :)

Calum Cashley said...

There is, of course, always the other judgement for the stronger candidate to make - if I engage and have the debate how much do I have to beat the challenger by in order to win handsomely enough and can I do it without going over the top? If you can adminitser a sound thrashing without looking like a bully you might even get an advantage.