Wednesday 2 September 2009

Opposition parties "disgusting" - British diplomat who'd vote SNP

The former British Ambassador to Libya, Sir Oliver Miles, said on today's Scotland Live on BBC Radio Scotland:
“If I can make a personal comment on this, I find this rather extraordinary and rather disgusting because it seems to me that it was never intended, by the court for example that Megrahi should die in jail. The sentence he was given if he had had a normal life span it would have meant that he would’ve been considered for release in the future. To say that ‘he should have died in the prison’, seems to me the polite equivalent of the barroom language of ‘hanging is too good for him, throw away the key’. Now, I am frankly shocked, shocked, that all of our UK parties seem to by vying with each other to be more vindictive of the other. It’s enough to make me vote Scottish Nationalist, and I’m as English as they come.”

Here for the next 7 days:

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Ron Wilson said...

Excellent quote Calum.