Tuesday 22 September 2009

I'm feeling sorry for Kevin Lang

Poor Kevin Lang, Lib Dem candidate for Edinburgh North & Leith. His party appears to be determined to rid itself of all that its members believe in - and do away with any prospects it had of winning seats - and in the meantime his party leader is slagging him off.

Wee Kev, you see, had a cracking wheeze: He'd call for the Lib Dems to support a referendum on Independence, get in the papers, get some publicity, and everybody gets out alive. Except oor Tav never saw it that way, describing him first as "desperate to get your face on the television" and then as being drunk at the time:
"Inevitably during a conference the heady sea air, and possibly one or two pina coladas, get a little too much for one or two colleagues.
"The serious point here is that the Liberal Democrats are absolutely united in opposing independence. That's been the absolutely key discussion behind the scenes among all of us."

I say leave Kevin alone, Tavish, he's got a deposit to lose!

Bit daft of the Lib Dem whip to impose a gag on the issue, though, I would have thought that would be counter-productive.

Mind how you go!

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