Tuesday 29 September 2009

Labour's Independence debate

Have a wee read of Iain Gray's speech to Labour conference (you've nothing better to do, have you?). I've selected a tidbit or two for your delight and delectation (just one or two because the Belle of Bellegrove has done an in-depth job on it) - and added my wise and sober comments ...
Alex Salmond refused to debate with Jim Murphy – because, he said, he debates with me, every Thursday.
What’s so special about Thursdays Alex? How about St Andrews day? Clear your diary. Debate my vision of Scotland against yours. Tell us which side you are on. I dare you.

That'll be Labour's next business day in the Scottish Parliament taken care of then. If I may quote a former holder of his cubicle - "bring it on".

In the Scottish Parliament from Opposition, we delivered 8000 apprenticeships, stopped the unfair, unworkable Local Income Tax, and forced the strongest climate change legislation in the world on the SNP.

Actually, it's businesses that deliver apprenticeships - and recessions curtail them. Governments provide training places - which the SNP has done, and we removed the apprenticeship training places which should never have been apprenticeships in the first place but were inserted by the last lot in order to say "look, lots of apprentices"...

That's both the Lib Dems and Labour now claimed to have forced the climate change legislation through - I wonder why they never did it in their eight years in power when it would have been so much easier? The truth is that it was the SNP Scottish Government, working alongside our dear friends in the Green Party (no, honestly, I do like them - even if they think that running a train down the middle of the road is a good idea).

The peach, though, Local Income Tax is unfair and the Council Tax is better? A Labour leader (or sub-leader or whatever he is) saying that progressive taxation is unfair when compared to a tax based on the value your house might have had if you'd sold it 18 years ago! Through the looking glass with Iain Gray.

Up one would not want to make it!

Mind how you go.

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Anonymous said...

Aye Calum, another one who says a lot of words.... but when you stick them together, you'll be buggered if you can make any sense of them....