Wednesday 2 September 2009

Do you think they regret it?

It occurred to me that some people might be regretting the way they have behaved recently. If Iain Gray and Richard Baker had not been so desperate to make political capital out of the decision on compassionate release, perhaps Bill Rammell's comments would have remained secret (it was Rammell who actually signed the deals), perhaps Gordon Brown's anxiety over not getting his way would have remained hidden, perhaps Jack Straw's wheeling and dealing would have stayed under wraps. Instead, they have shown the cynicism at the heart of Labour's UK Government and the humanity and honour of Kenny MacAskill. Gray and Baker forced information into the public domain which damaged their own party leaders and showed that the Scottish Government acted strictly within the rules. If their consciences don't turn on them they may not have to wait long for their friends to turn on them.

I hear that Mr Baker was on Newsnicht (I was working) and did not exactly cover himself in glory. As his performance was explained to me, I couldn't help thinking of Spitting Image for some reason. In memory of Tony Hart, here's the gallery:

Mind how you go!

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