Tuesday 11 December 2007

A couple of questions

I know, I know, but what the hell -

Why, when that expert on electoral law, Edinburgh University public law lecturer Navraj Ghaleigh, was Labour's candidate in 2005 in Edinburgh West (suggesting that he is at least sympathetic to Labour) did Wendy Alexander not ask his advice before committing her crimes?

Why did David Cameron come to Edinburgh to speak to an environment charity and make a speech that was all about the coming of Scottish independence? I take it he was made aware of the rules under which charities operate and he hasn't landed this charity in trouble with OSCR?

Why, since it's meant to be in a UK context, is the Labour scheme to take us towards Independence not reaching out for participation from Wales and Northern Ireland?

OK, so it was a prial of questions rather than a couple (four if you count the Cameron question as two), but I'm allowed a bit of leeway...

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