Tuesday 4 December 2007

Full confidence

Wendy Alexander has the full confidence of the Labour group at Holyrood

Whoops, is that like when the board has full confidence in the manager of the football team?

I have never sought to mislead. I am not dishonest in any way and I have always believed that politicians should have the highest standards of integrity.
My campaign did not set out to intentionally mislead or break the rules.
Mistakes have been made.
Right then - that's an easy sort, why didn't she say so before? Simply lay out in public what went on: who contributed to the non-campaign, how much and when; how she went about checking their eligibility to donate; when she realised that she had illegal money; and whether or not her campaign, and therefore she herself, broke the law.

Maybe if she just clears this up by being honest we can get back to politics in Scotland instead of this nonsense.

Come back from Neverland!

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