Saturday 29 December 2007

I'm back!

Oh what a wonderful festering season is being had under the SNP Government. Didn't I always tell you that it would be better when we took over? Just wait till independence day - what a party that's gonna be - trust me ...

Funnily enough, I spent the first Christmas of SNP Government in the Republic of Geordieland - someone has to keep an eye on them - and, while having a wee walk one evening, passed the house of one David Abrahams. Can I say, Mr Abrahams, that the extension is truly horrendous and completely out of character with the neighbourhood. I don't know - Labour donors - nae taste.

I was most interested in Kezia Dugdale's call for a clean-up of politics

if politics achieves anything in 2008, it must be to clear up this almighty mess, clean up it's image and give people something to trust again.
Is that a former spinner for Wendy Alexander calling on the miniature one to resign? I can wholeheartedly support that call, it would be infra dignitatum for Parliament to have another Labour member get sent to jail while still an MSP. Yes, Kezia, I agree - Wendy Alexander should resign her seat now to help get the mess cleaned up.

While I'm on the subject, I chuckled at Mark McDonald's scurrilous accusation that the opposition coalition parties have organised themselves so that they aren't putting out news releases on the same day during the break.

We can't blame 'em for trying at least, but it seems a little coincidental that the former coalition partners have taken it turn about to put out their press releases.Almost as if there was some behind the scenes cooperation...
Going by their recent performances, though, I suspect that they might just not have anything much to say, they're pretty incompetent - as Chris Stephens points out,

They must be really bitter at their gubbing in the elections in May, and with Nicol Stephen holding a marginal constituency his attacks look like the desperate actions of a desperate man.
I'd wager a pound or two, though, that they won't be as bitter as Kerron Cross who was, as you will remember, supposed to become Wendy Alexander's new spinner but the job offer was withdrawn, and so we have the fascinating scenario of a trade union taking on Labour's Scottish leader in an employment dispute. I admit I wondered how the leader of the Labour group of 6 (out of 48) on Three Rivers Council (London) would manage the commute to work in Scotland. Turns out he'd bought a flat in Motherwell:

We went to see Motherwell play at the weekend. We now have a flat locally and I'm all for supporting my local team, wherever that is.
I bet that hurts. Mind you, Mr Cross is used to being sandpapered by Labour 'dignitaries' - Labour leader hopeful John McDonnell MP once even threatened him with all kinds of bad things for letting people know what the answering machine message in McDonnell's Parliamentary office said.

Here's a wee thought for you - it's now more than a month since Wendy Alexander went into purdah. Her self-imposed gag is her attempt to hide from the consequences of her actions during her leadership non-election. What a politician, eh? Better for all of Scotland if the miniature one resigns now and gets on with it.

Happy winterval and an abstemious new year to you!

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