Wednesday 5 December 2007

How many must go to make way for Wendy?

How many people do you think will be expected to lay down their political careers to save Wendy Alexander?

She's already thrown Charlie Gordon to the wolves to save her own career - just how many wolves and how far she had to throw him will be revealed later when Charlie's redundancy package has bee worked out - interesting take on this in the North to Leith blog where Anseo, who shall forever more be known as "old Mr Cynical boots", is asking whether Charlie's off to be High commissioner to Jersey

So, anyway, Charlie's taken the bullet for Wendy-poo (well done that good and faithful servant), next up as it becomes clear that the stink has not cleared is an air-freshener known as David Whitton. Remember him? Spin-doctor, not very good, shouts at journalists - even when they're trying to help him. There's a rumour he said to one of the scribes about a week ago "Are you calling me a liar?" Wonder if he wants to ask that now?

Get back to the subject Cashley. Super Wendy of the amazing photies has spun out a little about how she never knew (the 'big boy did it and ran away' defence), and now, out from the shadows has appeared a 'legal expert' with impeccible credentials who is suggesting that, since the cheque was made out to the Wendy Alexander campaign rather than to the Grate One herself, David Whitton as treasurer is the one who'll go to jail.

I say send them all to jail, it was obviously a conspiracy to hide dodgy donations.
Who is this legal expert who tells the BBC that Wendy is as pure as the driven snow and David Whitton is Fagin?

He is Edinburgh University public law lecturer Navraj Ghaleigh. Hang on, Navraj Ghaleigh? Not the same Navraj Ghaleigh who was Labour's candidate in Edinburgh West in 2005? It wouldn't be, would it? Well, I think it might be, so does Tartan Hero.

So a Labour loyalist is wheeled out to say "Snow Wendy is innocent, it's that nasty old spinner who's to blame" - so long David Whittering, you served her well - got to pick a pocket or two ...
Will it end there? When the long arm of the law reaches out to collar Her Wendiness will Tom McCabe be flung in our faces (please don't) as another sacrifice worth making to preserve her tender dignity?

Is this the plea in mitigation being made now, before the court cases start, to try to limit the damage? "Wendy never knew what those nasty men were up to, she shouldn't be punished for their indiscretions" unfortunately for the Alexander, the sins of the spinner are to be laid upon the dodgy leader, she is at the very centre of the spin and mistrust over illegal monies.

As a wee aside to my musings - why is it that John Maxton and Irene Adams are so angry that their support for Wendy Alexander has been made public? Why is it such a dodgy and shameful secret that they want it kept secret? I can understand why the campaign team want their shady dealings kept secret, but why are these two so ashamed?

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Anonymous said...

Hi, found this blog through Google after searching for Navraj Ghaleigh since I'd never heard of him.

I tried giving a heads up to BBC readers on Brian Taylor's blog (on the BBC Scotland website) but he thought it unfair to air. I'll let you make the same decision, Mr Cashley:

"Disturbed by [the user above's] heads-up about the latest Scottish Polls. I rarely follow weekly political soap but I had no idea SNP were doing so well (but can believe it with the current vibe I feel day-to-day in the country).

Disturbed also by the recent journalism that told the view of Navraj Ghaleigh, 'Edinburgh University public law lecturer [no elliptical bells ringing - all you journos?]', whose comments to anyone familiar with sleaze - to any UK citizen over 23 years old, in other words - had a distinct intraparty whiff about them and well... google his name.

And we mock other countries' state sponsored/influenced medias.

Dire. Disgusting."

Thank you, Brian Taylor, for attempting to silence a young Scots voice that can at worst be described as inflammatory and at best as sadly accurate.