Thursday 20 December 2007

Don't turn around ...

He's back! Risen from the dead like an abstemious riser type thing is the Allan Wilson - former MSP, wit and raconteur, as already described by a hero clad entirely in tartan (honestly, absolutely everything is tartan) and a young chap of the Tory persuasion (enough of those thoughts)! Surely Kerron Cross wasn't dumped for Allan Wilson?

I'm delighted to see Allan Wilson back in harness, eh, and, eh, I'll, eh, be loving, eh, watching what he, eh, gets up to. Mainly because of what was written in the Herald (fine organ):

Yesterday, he began a three-month contract as a consultant in the Labour group's support unit with the remit of developing the party's policies in the run-up to their Scottish conference in March.
In particular, Mr Wilson will liaise with grassroots party members on plans for a constitutional commission to look at extra powers for the parliament.

What? Surely not! I'm shocked! Working on party policy, liaising with the grassroots of the party ...

Surely that's party work rather than Parliamentary work? Surely Wendy (to whom he now belongs) wouldn't be using Parliamentary resources for party political purposes? Not with her reputation, surely?

Here's Allan with a big cake:

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