Thursday 6 December 2007

Richard Baker loves the SNP

Labour MSP Richard Baker agrees with SNP policy on education.
How do I know? He sent this letter:
Yes, quickly end tuition fees
THERE appears to be some confusion on whether or not student representatives are in favour of tuition fees. We would like to attempt to clarify this matter.
No-one disagrees that the abolition of tuition fees is not the only matter of concern in Scottish higher education - many of us would like to see a wide range of developments in the ways which both universities and students are funded. We may
disagree about what those reforms should be.
However, in answer to the simple question, "Are you in favour of the early abolition of tuition fees?" we can speak with one, resounding voice. The answer is "Yes".
We hope this has put things in terms clear enough for all We are asking the politicians to re-establish an important principle; thereafter we can start the examination of additional means of addressing student debt and poverty.
Richard Baker
Right enough, it was sent to the Herald in May 1999 when he was President of the NUS, but I'm sure he wouldn't be changing his mind, now, would he?

We can all fully expect Rickie to vote for the abolition of the Graduate Endowment when the Bill comes before Parliament - and I'm sure he'll keep voting for SNP policies that will help to address student poverty.

Meanwhile, I hear Wendy Alexander's been on a shopping trip:


Anonymous said...

Richard Baker is a well known liar who scuppered any effective opposition to Labour when he was NUS president.

He is just another in a long line of liars who talked the talk but never walked the walk as he sold out students for his own personal career in Labour.

Thing is he won't go higher than where he is now.

Shame. He did have some principles once but will live out his twilight years wondering why he sold his soul for a transient political party.

Hope he doesn't pass on the curse to his kids.

Andrew said...

mmm, that comment from baker gives me an idea calum. hopefully you'll be seeing more in the press about this in the near future. now... i have a couple of people to speak to ;)