Monday 3 December 2007

Gavin Yates - spare a thought

At this festive time of year, we should all spare a thought for those less fortunate than ourselves - bairns who thought they were getting pressies but just ended up with ashes.

Like our old friend Gavin Yates, for example.

Remember Gavin? He was the chap who got a new job and then turned out to have been less than complimentary about his new employer.

He's supposed to start with Wendy Alexander this week - walking into the middle of a perfect media storm. Oh well, at least he'll have the smug feeling that comes from knowing you were right about your boss

Wendy Alexander, a former Minister who fell from favour with the so-called Labour ‘West-Coast Mafia’ is in pole position but her abrasive style might not prove popular with everyone. Also, she is seen very much as a Brown acolyte and that won’t go down well with MSPs that want a separate Scottish Labour identity from Westminster.

Ah well - at least she isn't Jack McConnell, eh?

Meanwhile, Labour find themselves still stuck in a post -electoral malaise with a lame-duck leader.

Gavin will also have the extreme delight of getting to see his mother-in-law every day and entering into those deep philosophical discussions he so enjoys in the Eadie household - what more could he want for Christmas?

It might not be long until he is rediscovering old interests:
the risks of becoming ill from smoking cheap resin cannabis are more realistic than developing mental health problems from smoking skunk


Anonymous said...

Mr Yates as far as I know, has never even sampled drugs,apart from a wee dram and an odd cigar(not the herbal one's)and I have known him for many years more than yourself.

Calum Cashley said...

Not what he said