Sunday 18 November 2007

The Curse of the Wendy

And so it came to pass - another one bit the dust, the curse of Wendy Alexander strikes again. Two months as Labour leader and she's already shed two chief spin doctors and one general secretary.

The mutterings of discontent in the lumpen proletariat of the Labouring party will surely grow now, and the worry for Iain Gray must be that he hasn't had enough time to establish himself as the natural successor to Wendy Alexander and he might face a contest. Even worse, the leadership contest might come before his preferred date of 2009.

Oh what a dilemma

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Anonymous said...

They just can't let it lie, can they?

We have George Foulkes causing constant disruption in the chamber every week, with a supporting orchestra behind him. What a disrespectful bunch they are! We have ex-Labour ministers childishly saying about Gordon Brown's lack of courtesy to Alex Salmond re. congratulation phone call "well, we think that is OK cos Aex Salmond has never been courteous to us", and now we have a press office who could not show common decency and restraint from indulging in political insults at a cross-party award ceremony!

The bile they have for the SNP was always there, but now we are seeing it exposed for how bitter it is, cos they cannot keep their gobs shut about how they feel about losing office and seeing the SNP in power and leading the agenda.

On top of that, they seek to talk down the normal aspirations of a nation for independence. What a horrible bunch they are!