Thursday 8 November 2007

Baldrick's politics

A cunning plan .....

Labour had a cunning plan for today's business in Parliament. They thought they could defeat the SNP Government on the budget before the budget was presented to Parliament.

To that end a deal was done (or so Labour thought) with the Conservatives and with the Lib Dems to stitch one on the minority Government. They even tried the Greens but Patrick Harvie stood up to their bullying and gave them very short shrift as only Patrick can.

Then in the chamber when they saw it all going wrong they started accusing the SNP of doing dirty deals to secure votes. Up you could not make it.

Labour got horsed in the end, and the budget can carry on as usual.
Here's a tip, though, keep looking for Labour and the Lib Dems seeking to derail the budget process when John Swinney brings it to Parliament next week - that would fit in well with the negativity they have shown since the election in May.

Euan Lloyd asked the pertinent question today - why is it that the SNP has taken so well to Government over the past six months but Labour just can't work out how to be an opposition?

I look forward to hearing some of Labour's war poetry.

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