Monday 5 November 2007

Where were they then?

They marched through Edinburgh to the Ross Bandstand in Princes Street Gardens to demand an end to the UK nuclear weapons programme - no Son of Trident in Scottish waters, thank you!

Thousands of people were there, but posted missing were those whose consciences hurt so much through remaining in the Labour Party while it renews the weapons of mass destruction on the Clyde.

Where were you Malcolm Chisholm, Mark Lazarowicz, Sarah Boyack, Nigel Griffiths?

The truth is the same as it is for so many Labour Party members - each of these politicians lacks any conviction that might threaten their careers. They'll posture for the sake of a press release and keeping some people sweet but they'll still run back to hide behind the skirts of the Labour Party at the first indication that they might be asked to stand up and actually follow through on the big words.

I have more respect for those who try to make a case for nuclear weapons - unjustified as it may be - than for those who would pretend to be in favour of getting rid of them while remaining part of the party which is intent on replacing them.

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Anonymous said...

Nice to start a blog in such a positive manner, Mr Cash.