Wednesday 21 November 2007

Can you tell who it is yet?

Right then - anybody know who Labour's new lord of spin will be?

Here's a clue - in August this year he said:
Cameron knows that in the current environment - where under Gordon Brown we have the greatest disparity between the richest in our society and the poorest - that large-scale income tax cuts are untenable.

I feel like Rolf Harris ...


Mark McDonald said...

Is it Rolfaroo?

It might as well be...

Calum Cashley said...

No, no, he's been far more critical of Gordon Brown and far more supportive of the SNP Government than Rolf Harris

Anonymous said...

Is it the person who said:

"On more domestic matters the announcement today that the Scottish Government is ready to scrap prescription charges will be met positively by many of the thousands of people in Scotland with long-term chronic conditions that are still working. In this correspondent’s view this is an overdue move from any government. Making people with MS or MND pay for scripts is utterly perverse.

The announcement didn’t play as well with the traditional English media, with the Daily Telegraph reporting it as a form of ‘public service apartheid’ against patients in England. Perhaps rather than blaming the Scottish Government for moving towards fairness they should instead lobby Alastair Darling to follow suit."

Will Wendy take his advise and do such?