Wednesday 14 November 2007

Who's done a grubby deal?

I was most upset recently when the Lib Dems put down their knitting and accused the SNP and the Conservatives of doing a dodgy deal over the budget.
They accused Scotland's Party of doing a deal with the Conservatives to keep us going.

You know, I was so cumflabulated that I went and counted the votes - who voted with who. Here's the results:

To date there have been about 69 Parliamentary votes (excluding procedural votes on business and Ministerial appointments).

In those the LibDems have:
Voted with Labour 45 times (65%)
Voted with the SNP 21 times (30%)
Voted with Conservatives 26 times (38%)

In contrast the Conservatives have:
Voted with Labour 33 times (48%)
Voted with the SNP 33 times (48%)
Voted with LibDems 26 times (38%)

It's those damned Lib Dems that are the dodgy dealers!
Someone less charitable than my good self once suggested that they got paid by the hour - when a party which once had some principle is reduced to the fourth party in Scotland and finds itself desperate to please the Labour Party rather than having some principles of its own, it's come to a sad end.

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Craig said...

I'm curious to know if Jim Tolson, while telling the Constituents of Dunfermline West that only he could beat Labour, also told them that he would vote with them 65% of the time. Probably not huh?