Wednesday 14 November 2007

Iain Gray? Surely not!

In a few hours the budget will be revealed by SNP Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Sustainable Growth, John Swinney MSP.

Then all the wonderful goodness of a party in Government that actually cares for the country will be laid out for the country to appreciate.

In advance, though, we've had Labour complaining that the budget isn't good enough - in spite of not having seen it yet! Iain Gray (who does the shadow job on just the finance bit of John's portfolio) was on the radio this morning performing the old Labour trick of inventing 'facts and figures' and extrapolating them wildly to come to a conclusion massively removed from reality but scary enough to fleg your neighbour's cat.

The reason, of course, is an inability to do the research properly (witness Wendy Alexander's nightmare at FMQs over means testing) coupled with an overwhelming desire to get one up on the SNP - not because it would be good for the country, just to pour oil on Labour wounds.

It's just not good enough - Scotland needs a competent opposition as well as a good Government and Labour has to up its game.

I like Iain Gray as a person, although I dislike his politics. This morning's outpouring is a perfect illustration why it's ridiculous that Iain is being touted to take over from Wendy Alexander in 2009 - he's not up to it either.

Ach well, back to waiting for the budget ...

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