Tuesday 13 November 2007

Referendum, referendum, anyone for a referendum?

No, not that one, they don't want that one. What they do want is a referendum-tastic policy on the council tax.

Who does? You may well ask - David Cameron (leader, Con). He said today that councils should hold a referendum if they want to bring in a high council tax increase - a referendum for which there would be a trigger threshold of a percentage increase.

Labour, of course, disagrees. Hazel Blears (Communities Secretary, London Government) said it was "just another empty David Cameron gimmick". That's Cameron told, eh?

Well, it might be except that it was actually a Labour plan - Nick Raynsford (local government minister in London) floated it in September when David Davis (Con Shadow Deputy Prime Minister) said: "You can't solve at one stroke, I'm afraid, a problem that has been created over six or seven years, frankly of deceit and incompetence."

Now I think I'm right in saying that Nick Raynsford is Hazel Blears' deputy and David Davis is David Cameron's deputy. You put your left leg in ...

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