Friday 23 November 2007

The Gray Man Cometh...

Quoting Yeats too.

So, with Wendy Alexander having another horrendous day in Parliament, speculation is rife that she doesn't have long to go.

Her new spin doctor (I think she's more in need of a paramedic myself) has been announced to the world with great fanfare - step forward Gavin Yates! That's far enough, step back again. How long will he last? The Curse of The Wendy has driven out Lesley Quinn - a faithful Labour servant - from Scottish Laborious HQ, she hounded the decent chap Brian Lironi until he left, and her most recent boy wonder, Matthew Marr did a bad thing and had to go down the chute. She's only been in post since mid September by eck!

The question is - can Gavin Yates last more than a couple of weeks? Well, remember that Brian Lironi took unwarranted abuse from Lord Zebedee Foulkes because Brian refused to have Labour associated with Foulkes' 'racist' comments? Here's what wee Gavin had to say on the subject:

I don’t think that bringing up the SNPs use of language was the most sensible move but language matters and Scotland has an anti-English problem.
George Foulkes said he was responding to concerns from a constituent about anti-English racism. From that point he tried to attach this to comments from SNP MSPs. I’m not sure of that completely stands up.

Oh dear ...

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