Sunday 25 November 2007

In and out the Wendy House

Gavin Yates has arrived to save the Labour party, galloping over the hill like the cavalry riding to the rescue.

That is, once he's explained the comments he made about Wendy Alexander (abrasive), Andy Kerr (uninspiring), the London Olympics (waste of money), and the SNP (pure dead brilliant). Readallaboutit! Or here. Or even here if you must

His excuse?
“My comments have been taken out of context. I wrote them as a journalist back
in July and they do not reflect my own views."

That's all right then - except he wasn't a journalist in July, he was a press officer for the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations and is still listed in their staff directory - although his job is now being advertised on the front page of the SCVO website.

That's not all, the writing wasn't all in July either - the article about how good the SNP is and about how Labour is unlikely to develop a positive narrative was written on August 12th. The one slagging Wendy Alexander and Andy Kerr (and the Sunday Mail) was written in July, right enough.

Not a great start - I believe the bets are piling up for him to leave the Wendy House by Christmas and for Labour to have another leadership campaign in the spring of next year - with sharpened knives this time.

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