Monday 5 November 2007

Spectre's after me

There's a perfectly reasonable National Conversation going on, but that doesn't seem to be good enough for some people, oh no!

The Lib Dems (those firebrands!), Labour, and the Conservative and Unionist Party got together today to continue their wheeze-making on devolution. Well done those punters! (Actually, it was just Nicol Stephen, Wendy Alexander, and Annabel Goldie, but they were there 'representing' all their people).

This time they brought in their big brothers from down south, Des Browne, Alastair Carmichael, and David Mundell. Stop being cruel - they are more to be pitied than scolded, I can assure you.

So anyway, there's a National Conversation with over 200,000 people engaging - or there's these six in a room. 200,000 + or 6 ... A fifth of a million or half a dozen ...

These six agreed between them that they reflected the views of mainstream Scottish public opinion (honestly, they did - you can read it on the Lib Dem website although neither of the other parties has anything up yet).

So now, having secured the mainstream viewpoint between the six of them, they're going to London to agree the remit, procedure and when future announcements will be made about their decision to review devolution. (Is it just me or do they really not understand devolution?)

As Brian Taylor says in his blog they appear to be confused about what they want and it looks more like John Major's 'Taking Stock' than a constitutional convention. In other words, they've nae idea what they're doing, they're just flailing around and hoping they can grab something to hold onto.

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